Model Number: Ruslyn Cordwheel

Short Description

Cable Dispensing Reel


The Ruslyn Cordwheel® is an 'in service' military designed, lightweight and ergonomic hand held reel in use by Defence.

The Ruslyn Cordwheel® is used within four complete equipment schedules across Army, Navy and Air Force for the deployment of cables, rope, hose, tape and wire.

The Ruslyn Cordwheel® is also in use with Emergency Services, Homeland Security and Industry.

  • Essential in the re deployment of WD-1/TT, WD-1A/TT, WF-16/U, WF-8/G land communication cables
  • Delicate handling of optical fibre and data cable used in BTN, SATCOM and ADSL
  • OH&S deployment of detonator cord, firing cable, breathing apparatus hose, power supply cables,
    earth leakage cables, barrier and NDT tape, rope hose and wire.

Suitable for use with:

  • Signals Cable
  • WT-1/TT (Don 10)
  • Cat Cable
  • Optical Fibre cable
  • Earth Leakage cable
  • Power cable
  • Test Cable
  • Audio/Visual cable
  • Hooker Hose
  • Firing Cable
  • Detonator Cord
  • Rope
  • Fire Hose
  • NDT Tape
  • Barrier Tape
  • Air Hose
  • BA Hose

Reel Size

Reel diameter - 356 millimetres

Reel width - 109 millimetres

Reel inside diameter - 140 millimetres


Reel Weight

Empty reel -  785 grams (1.73 lb)

Packed carton (five reels) - 5 kg (11 lb)


Reel Part Numbers

AUS004754-61 green/black (Defence) NATO STOCK NUMBER (NSN) 8130-66-153-3558

AUS004754-42 yellow/red (Emergency Services and Industry)

AUS004754-11 black/black (Audio Visual and Broadcast Industries, Covert Police operations)

AUS004754BKT mount bracket (optional for location mounting)

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