Double Rotacaster Wheel

Model Number: R-2125-9510

Short Description

125mm Double Rotacaster Wheel S95A

Price: $29.15 (Inc GST)


Capacity: Dynamic Load 125kgs   Lateral Load 68kgs
Wheel Diameter: 125mm
Roller Diameter: 20mm
Hub Width: 44mm
Bore/Axle: 10mm
Rollers: polyurethane S95A
Bearings: sealed


  • Unrivalled 360 degree manoeuvrability & rotation including lateral & diagonal movement
  • Unique fixed orientation
  • Simple & stable mounting options
  • Direct tracking & directional control
  • Superior load stability
  • Robust, durable & corrosion resistant construction
  • One of the only alternatives to the swivel caster

Because each Rotacaster omni-directional wheel acts independently, multiple wheels and layouts can provide extra manoeuvrability and be customised to meet specific load weight and distribution requirements.

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