TS Easy Empty

Model Number: TSEASY

Short Description

240L Bin Lifter and Tipper Attachment




The Easy Empty lifter is an attachment which fits onto the tynes of a forklift securely. The bin is wheeled to the forklift, where the attachment secures the bins around the axles for lifting.

When the bin is at the appropriate height for dumping, it can be manually tilted towards the bin or receptacle and emptied. When it is lowered back down, the bin reverts to an upright position. The attachment unit has two safety chains. One chain secures the unit to the forklift, while the second retains the rod, preventing the bin from tipping forward during transit. The chain is removed where the bin is ready to be tilted.

  • 500 x 470mm
  • 150mm long pockets
  • 340mm pocket centres

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