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The Ultimate Coolroom and Dry Shelf Storage Solution



The all new patented M-Span shelf is designed to give people a shelving system that will last a lifetime for an affordable price. We have achieved this by developing a unique sub frame over moulding technique that can produce a strong shelf in one process. This gives a very big cost benefit for both the customer and the environment. And all the savings we have made we are passing onto you.


Cost: Due to the reduction in manufacturing costs we are able to offer a Corrosion Free shelf for much less then a welded stainless steel shelf as well as a 20 year anti corrosion warranty.

Environment: The energy needed to produce a shelf has been massively reduced meaning this shelf system has a small carbon footprint. Due to the M-Span sub frame being entirely over moulded with food grade plastic we have eliminated the need for any steel surface treatment which involves a range of chemicals and acids. As the only exposed steel on the shelf is 304 Stainless Steel the shelf has a 20 year warranty against corrosion and should last a lifetime saving the environment from the need to throw out failed shelving and start again.  

All parts of the M-Span shelf are recyclable.

Strength: M-Span shelves are rated to 150kgs evenly spaced per tier and a total of 750kg for a 5 tier unit.

Cleaning: M-Span shelves were created from the beginning with the ease of cleaning in mind. The benefit of moulding a shelf in one process is that it results in the shelf having large flat open surface areas and very few ribs are needed underneath: from 1 to a maximum of 7 ribs on the largest shelf sized 1500x600mm. The holes in the surface are flat on top and radius underneath to make wiping down easy.

Air Flow: The large flat open surfaces of the M-Span shelf enhance the airflow through the holes in the surface of the shelf.

Compatibility: M-Span shelves use the same adjustable post style assembly, and are compatible in size with our existing Wire and ABS shelves.


Shelf Widths: 310mm, 460mm and 610mm.

Shelf Lengths: 600,750,900,1050,1200,1350 and 1500mm

Posts:  25 x 25mm Tube - 32mm Bullet adjustment slots

Post Heights: 1200, 1800 and 2000mm


M-Span shelves are rated to 200kgs evenly spaced per tier up to 1200mm long. Sizes 1350mm, 1500mm are rated to 150kg evenly spaced.

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