Model Number: P350x4ZGG

Short Description

Non-Marking for heavier duty.



Semi-Pneumatic wheels are foam filled, they are the premium option in pnuematic wheels.

These wheels are puncture proof and provide great performance and reliability.

Semi-Pnuematics are fitted to a two peice, wobble free hub manufactured from 1.8mm steel.(Some cheaper markets use as thin as 0.6mm)


'Deep Groove' sheilded bearings fitted to a toughened heavy duty housing enables true running and extra strength.

Deep groove bearings can last up to 3 times longer than standard press bearings.


The tyre is made of 4 ply natural and synthetic rubber for excellent durability, abrasion resistance, elasticity and strength. (many cheaper tyres are only 2 ply)


The quality standard

  • 1 year warranty
  • High quality plating provides 3 times the Australian Standard for corrosion protection.
  • Excellent design and performance

 265 x 70mm ZGG Tyre


Code Diameter x Width Bearing Code Bearing Type Hub Width x Bore Capacity
265 x 70mm
Deep groove
60 x 20mm

-SB34 Deep groove 60 x 19mm 100Kg

-SB58 Deep groove 60 x 16mm 100Kg

Also available in swivel or fixed plate forks.


YPZGG350/YZP (Code for Swivel Plate)

YPZGG350/YZF (Code for Fixed Plate)

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