Speedlock Mk8

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Selective Pallet Rack System - Coming Soon



Speedlock MK8 selective pallet racking is a cost effective, heavy duty racking construction

system, which allows high capacity storage and easy access to all goods.

The system can be configured in various ways to create different rack types and layouts to suit

the customer’s individual storage needs and site conditions. Components are available in a

wide range of types, grades, sizes and finishes to meet the different requirements.

Speedlock Mk8 is simple to install and adjust and can be loaded using conventional forklift


Basic System



Frames are constructed using a pair of uprights, frame bracing, bracing bolts, bracing

blocks, base plates and fixings.


Horizontal load-bearing members with welded connectors each end designed to locate

into slots in the upright face.

Speedlock MK8 beam levels can be easily adjusted at 50mm intervals.

Beams are fitted with two automatic Safety Locks as standard, one at each connector.


The system has a number of accessories to extend its versatility.



Beam loads are taken in a vertical thrust on specially designed hooks and tapered upright slots

to provide excellent lateral stability, whilst maintaining a clearway between the beam end

connectors and uprights so that they do not contact and jam.

Many other systems have a beam-upright connection that transfers part of the load in a

sideways thrust between beam-ends and uprights making it very difficult to move one beam

without removing loads from the others.


The most common applications for Speedlock MK8 are:

• Adjustable pallet racking, capable of accommodating most types of pallet or stillages.

• Double deep pallet racking.

• Heavy duty long span shelving.

• Barrel, coil, or drum racking.

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