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Genie Lightweight Lifters


Genie® Material Lifts, also known as duct lifts, are ideal for lifting and placing small pallets and bulky objects. Perfect for installing and maintaining HVAC equipment and appliances, shipping/receiving, storing/retrieving records, and stacking materials on shelves. Using a Genie® Material Lift decreases the need for workers to manually lift materials, reducing the risk of workplace injuries



• 3.06 m (10 ft 0.5 in) maximum lift height

• Up to 181 kg (400 lbs) load capacity


• 3.56 m (11 ft 8 in) maximum lift height

• Up to 159 kg (350 lbs) load capacity


• 4.20 m (13 ft 9.5 in) maximum lift height

• Up to 159 kg (350 lbs) load capacity Productivity


• Standard forks

• Portable and compact design

• Lightweight durable aluminium construction

• Single door access • Durable standard steel forks

• 20 cm (8 in) non-marking rear wheels and 5 cm (2 in) dual wheel front swivel casters (standard and straddle base only)

• 12 cm (5 in) rear swivel casters with side brakes and 10 cm (4 in) fixed front wheels (counterweight base only)

• Loads easily into a ute for transporting


• Hold-down mechanism secures carriage during transport

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