Rotatruck Lite

Model Number: Rotatruck

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Self Supporting Multi-Direction Handtruck


The unique, award winning design of the self-supporting Rotatruck fully supports a load and minimises the need to balance or pull back the weight. The ergonomic design minimises repetitive pullback, bending and user effort. Rotatrucks go over kerbs and obstructions without reversing and allows continual forward movement during operation what makes them extremely time efficient and productive.

The 4x4 Rotatruck is the ideal application for confined, narrow spaces and environments and is best suited to firm flat surfaces like factory floors or cellars. Four Rotacaster multi-directional wheels enable the Rotatruck do go directly sideways without turning and swivelling and provide 360° mobility nearly on the spot.

Load Capacity: 150kg


  • Straight aluminium frame
  • 4x125mm R2 Rotacaster wheels (95A)
  • Standard loop handle with vinyl sleeve
  • 457mm x 190mm Aluminium nose Cast (18" x 7.5")


  • Frame Width: 305mm
  • Overall Width: 460mm
  • Overall Height: 1300mm
  • Weight: 10kg

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