Inspection is Crucial to a safe warehouse

Safety in your warehouse is critical for its daily operations, efficiency and productivity.

The design and installation of your racking should be Inspected regularly and audited at least every 12 months (According to AS4084:2012) by a competent person.


Pallet racking inspections are essential to maintaining a safe work environment for you and your staff.

SSO Blend out knowledge of materials handling and safety equipment with over 30 years of Pallet racking installation experience to provide you with a blended inspection experience, delivering above expectations.

Our experience will guarantee you:

  • A safe and productive design
  • Installation accomodating your warehouse practices
  • Independent advice on multiple systems


Why Perform a Racking Inspection?

Pallet racking is often one of your biggest assets. You rely on your racking to provide space saving, convenient storage and inventory management. Inspection should then play a big role in your maintenance of this asset. Inspection by staff should occur regularly, Weekly, monthly or bi-monthly depending on how much you use the system. Audits should occur at least every 12-months by an independent inspector, This will ensure anything skimmed over in regular inspections can be picked up and corrected.

Independent inspections are also crucial for making sure any changes made to the racking post-installation meet design criteria for that system and that the safe workloads are still correct.

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