SSO Handling & Storage work with nearly all pallet racking systems that meet Australian Standards AS4084:2023

  • Selective Pallet Racking System
  • Double Deep Pallet Racking System
  • Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking System
  • Drive-In Pallet Racking System
  • Push Back Pallet Racking System
  • Cable Racking
  • Upright Racking (conduit rack)
  • Gravity Flow (pallet live) Rack System
  • Carton Flow (carton live) Rack System
  • Cantilever Racking Systems
  • Longspan Shelving System
  • Coolroom Shelving
  • Static Shelving (CI-80, Uni-shelf)
  • Multi-Tier Shelving System
  • Rack supported RSA (Raised Storage Areas)
  • Compactus Aislesaver (Mobile Shelving system)
  • Plastic Bins, Louvre Panels
  • High density storage cupboards and cabinets
  • Safety and Segregation solutions
  • Fabrication and Custom builds

We currently keep in stock the most common sizes of:

  • Apex
  • Dexion Keylock
  • Dexion Speedlock
  • APC Acerack

We keep parts and some stocks of:

  • Brownbuilt
  • Dematic Colby
  • SSI Schaeffer
  • BHD jracking
  • Alpha Racking (Discontinued)

What is the difference between racking and shelving?

The main difference between racking and shelving is, with shelving the storage of items into the system and the retrieval from the system is generally manually by hand. In Racking the placement and retrieval generally relates to larger loads and is carried out by the use of mechanical equipment.

Racking is usually constructed from much heavier duty materials for larger load weights, although racking is often used for handload shelving as it often has larger sizes available. It is not likely to find designs the other way around as generally Longspan shelving does not have the required strength for machine loaded applications.

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