Selective pallet racking

is the most common storage system for palletised goods

Selective Pallet Racking allows for each pallet to be located and moved individually without moving other pallets. (100% Accessibility).  all pallets are easily accessible from the face of the pallet racking system. Levels can be added or removed where required to accommodate additional or oversized pallets.

Selective Racking can be designed for compatibility with most types of handling equipment and storage containers such as stillages

There is a range of beams and sizes to suit all your needs.

9000mm Tall Dexion Keylock Selective Racking install in progress by SSO Handling & Storage

A large range of accessories is available to assist with the safe storage of small items, bulky items, drums, skids, stillages, custom storage boxes and almost anything you can think of.

Timber and wire mesh decks are available to create shelf levels inside the rack. Mesh walls and divider systems can be made for segregation or security.

We often have high-quality Second Hand or used racking components. We only stock great quality second hand, we will never buy back or resell water damaged, rusting or unknown racking.

Used Beams available from SSO

Most designs are to suit standard Australian pallets 1170x1170mm.

Common sizes are below with much more available

Frame Heights (mm) 1800, 2400, 3600, 4200, 4800, 5400, 6000

Frame Depths (mm) 838, 840, 1200, 1220

Beam Spans (mm) 1350, 1375, 2585, 2591, 2600, 2743, 2750

Let us know your needs, and we will design a system for you.

Some of the brands we work with:

As an independent supplier and installer, we have the opportunity to supply and work with multiple manufacturers and suppliers. 

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