2 Tier Bitbar Utility Cart – Small

Maximize efficiency in compact spaces with the 2 Tier Bitbar Utility Cart – Small. Dimensions 978x435x987mm, 230Kg capacity, 125mm wheels. Ergonomic design.

Nf305 three tier
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3 Tier Steel Platfor

Prestar Medium Three Tier Trolley Deck Size: 920mm X 610mm Capacity: 300Kg

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Optimize material handling with the 4 Tub Trolley. Deck size 990x650mm, 340Kg capacity, 125mm wheels. Engineered for industrial efficiency.

Stainless Steel
Four Draw Medical Trolley

Enhance healthcare efficiency, designed for organized and secure transportation of medical essentials.

3-Shelf Utility Cart
Multi-Tier Trolleys
Hi5 3-Shelf Utility Cart

Maximize utility efficiency, perfect for smooth and spacious transport in any setting.

Flatbed Trolleys
Jumbo Medium Platform Trolley

This robust platform trolley offers a spacious deck and a high load capacity, complete with a foldable handle for convenient storage.

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Jumbo Medium Wire Cage Trolley

Robust and versatile, the HB213 Trolley simplifies heavy-duty hauling with its foldable wire mesh sides and large carrying capacity.

Multi-Tier Trolleys
Nesting 2 Tier Stock Trolley

A versatile, corrosion-resistant trolley designed to streamline the transport and organization of goods.

Office File Trolley

Streamline office document management with the Office File Trolley. Deck size 650x380mm, 220Kg capacity, 100mm wheels. Ergonomic and versatile.

Ng401 2
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Prestar Large Platform Trolley

The Prestar NG401 is a robust, versatile platform trolley designed to make the transportation of goods simple and efficient. Equipped with a spacious flatbed of 1240×790 mm, it can hold a substantial 300kg load. Its foldable handle extended, it stands at a comfortable 990mm, making it easy to navigate even in tight spaces. The NG401’s durability is unparalleled, with its body constructed from strong, rust-resistant zinc-plated steel. The flatbed features a non-slip vinyl deck surface, ensuring items stay secure during transport. This platform trolley also boasts two fixed and two swivel 130mm diameter precision bearing rubber castors, offering smooth manoeuvrability and stability even when fully loaded. These are the best wheels on a trolley we have ever seen! When not in use, its foldable handle makes it compact for storage, an excellent feature for space-constrained environments. The Prestar NG401 platform trolley combines heavy-duty performance, reliability, and user-friendly design, making it an ideal choice for warehouses, workshops, retail, and other sectors

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