BXT3 Battery Operated Strapping Tool


Revolutionize your strapping process with the BXT3 Battery Operated Strapping Tool, offering a cordless, efficient, and versatile solution for various environments.

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The BXT3 Battery Operated Strapping Tool is a revolutionary product that embodies the innovation and efficiency synonymous with SSO Handling and Storage. This tool is designed to transform the strapping process, offering a cordless, efficient, and versatile solution. The battery-operated design of the BXT3 Strapping Tool enhances mobility and flexibility, making it ideal for a variety of environments, from warehouses to outdoor settings. It eliminates the need for manual effort and proximity to power sources, streamlining operations and improving workplace efficiency. The BXT3 is not just a tool; it’s a symbol of SSO’s commitment to providing modern, technology-driven solutions tailored to the needs of clients, ensuring precision and ease in every task.

Product Specifications:

  • SKU: BXT3
  • Strapping Size Compatibility: 16mm – 19mm
  • Power Source: 18V Battery (includes 1 battery)
  • Additional Inclusions: Charger and Cover
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