Heavy Duty Platform Trolley


Enhance your material handling efficiency with our Heavy Duty Platform Trolley, featuring a removable handle and robust construction for loads up to 650kg.


Introducing the Heavy Duty Platform Trolley with a Removable Handle, meticulously designed to streamline your material handling tasks.

Built with a robust deck size of 1372mm x 685mm and a handle height of 960mm, this trolley effortlessly manages loads up to 650kg, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding environments.

Its 125mm x 35mm blue rubber wheels provide smooth maneuverability, making it perfect for industrial settings, warehouses, and any environment requiring heavy lifting.

Six castor mounting plates with multiple hole patterns allow the wheel pattern to be managed to suit a wide range of jobs and wheel options.

The removable handle adds versatility, allowing for easy storage and transport when not in use.

Use Cases:

  1. Industrial Facilities: Ideal for transporting heavy machinery parts, tools, and materials across the shop floor.
  2. Warehouses: Perfect for efficiently moving large, bulky items or pallets within storage areas.
  3. Event Setup: Assists in swiftly and safely transporting heavy equipment and supplies during event setups and breakdowns.


  • Deck Size: 1372mm x 685mm
  • Handle Height: 960mm
  • Capacity: 650kg

Additional information

Dimensions 1372 × 685 × 120 mm

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