Large Drip Tray – 45 Litre


Manage larger spills effectively with our Large Drip Tray 45 Litre, designed for robust spill control in any industrial or commercial setting.


The LargeDrip Tray 45 Litre from Spill Station is an essential tool for managing spills in industrial and commercial settings.

This high-capacity tray is designed to effectively contain and control large volumes of liquids, making it ideal for use under machinery, vehicles, or as a part of a chemical handling area.

Its robust construction ensures durability and resistance to chemicals, while its size allows it to handle larger spills or leaks with ease.

The tray’s design includes easy cleaning and maintenance features, making it a practical choice for maintaining a safe and clean work environment.

Use Cases:

  1. Industrial Facilities: Perfect for safely containing leaks from large equipment or storing multiple chemical containers.
  2. Automotive Workshops: During maintenance, use under vehicles or machinery to catch oil or coolant spills.
  3. Chemical Handling Areas: Provides a safe containment solution for handling and dispensing chemicals, preventing ground contamination.


  • Capacity: 45 Litres
  • Dimensions: 810 × 610 × 100 mm
  • Material: High-quality, chemical-resistant polymer
  • Application: Ideal for workshops, garages, and industrial facilities

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