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Trust and Honesty are extremely important to us. That\'s why all of our clients are repeat customers.


We aim to use only the best brands to ensure additional parts are available for your systems as you grow.


Quality and support are the backbone of any great great product. We stand by every product we sell.


We understand that not everyone needs a Ferrari to get the job done. We do have economy options for many of our products, however we will not compromise on quality.


Whether knowing the size and weight of your pallets or the length of your garage, we will make sure we ask all the right questions.


Family is what has made our business what it is today. It's the multiple generations of experience that often help's us find new and unique solutions.


Things don't always go to plan, especially these days. with so much change it's important to us to support our clients through advice, warranties and replacements when needed.

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Friendly Service and after sales support are our main priorities. We aim to find you the right solution for your needs rather than sell you a product that may not fit, work or be suitable.


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We are always available to answer your questions, make adjustments or provide additional services

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We have plenty of our products and off the shelf solutions available from our showroom.

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3D design capabilities

Sometimes its hard to picture exactly what we are designing for you, That's why we will create plans and diagrams to show you what you are getting.

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Residential, Industrial or Commercial

You don't have to be a business to work with us. We have a huge amount of products to help at home too

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We will often buy back materials or equipment if it meets our standards. We only resell the highest quality used equipment.

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Colleagues should take care of each other, have fun, celebrate success, learn by failure, look for reasons to praise, not criticise, communicate freely and respect each other. - Sir Richard Branson

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We work in partnership with all the major Pallet Racking Van Accessory Plastics manufacturers

Dexion, APC, Brownbuilt, Safer Storage Systems, Gonvarri, Colby, Verge, VAS Van Accessories, StorageTek, Autosafe, Fischer Plastics, Icon Plastics, Viscount Plastics, Nally, Prestar Trolleys, Teamstar, Werner, Baileys,A-Plus Plastics, Okka, Barsec, Rotoplas, Ki-Tab, Fallshaw, QHDC, Tente, Richmond, Mantova, Trimarant, Ausfile, Officeline, Boscotek, Laminex, Pelican, Spacecase, Sulo, Sumner and so many more.

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