Stair Climber Wheel


Navigate stairs with ease and safety using these robust polyurethane castor wheels, designed for efficient and secure transportation.

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The Stair Climber Wheel is a game-changer in the realm of material handling, especially for environments with staircases.

Its innovative design, featuring 3 x 150mm Red Polyurethane Castors, is tailored to effortlessly navigate stairs, reducing the physical strain on users and enhancing the safety of transporting goods. With a remarkable 250 Kg capacity and a 360mm overall diameter, these wheels are not just about moving items; they’re about moving them smarter, safer, and more efficiently.

The 3/4″ bore ensures compatibility with a variety of trolleys, making these wheels a versatile addition to any material handling equipment. Whether it’s navigating the tight corners of a storeroom or the challenging steps of a delivery route, the Stair Climber Wheel stands as a testament to SSO’s commitment to providing practical, safety-enhancing solutions.

Product Specifications:

  • Castors: 3 x 150mm Red Polyurethane
  • Capacity: 250 Kg
  • Diameter: 360mm Overall
  • Bore: 3/4″