Stair Climber Wheel Assembly


Navigate stairs with ease and safety using these robust polyurethane castor wheels, designed for efficient and secure transportation.


The Stair Climber Wheel Assembly, think of it as the workhorse of maneuverability, perfect for those challenging multi-level tasks.

This wheel assembly is designed not just for the standard push and pull but for tackling stairs with ease.

Imagine a seamless transition from flat surfaces to staircases, making those awkward, heavy loads feel almost weightless. It’s a must-have for moving tasks that involve steps, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Product Code: SCR116

Load Capacity: 250kg

Wheel Type: Polyurethane

Wheel Size: Triple wheel setup with each 150mm in diameter

Wheel Width: 50mm

Bore Width: 60mm

Compatibility: Universal 3/4 inch bore for diverse trolley types


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