Longspan shelving is the perfect system for hand load applications

Longspan shelving is a type of shelving system that is commonly used in warehouses, factories, and stockrooms to store a variety of items, including retail goods, appliances, and tools. 

There are several advantages to using longspan shelving, including its durability, ease of assembly, and flexibility. Longspan shelving is typically made from lightweight, yet durable materials such as tensile steel, making it easy to move around the warehouse without compromising its strength. 

longspan is easy to assemble and can be easily adjusted to fit different storage needs. Additionally, longspan shelving is cost-effective and can be easily integrated with other storage systems. It is also suitable for storing heavy, large, or awkwardly-shaped items and many can hold up to 600 kilograms per shelf. 

Overall, longspan shelving is a practical and efficient solution for people or businesses looking to optimize their storage space.

Longspan Shelving

is our most popular shelving system for a wide range of applications.


This popular hand-loaded solution is engineered to be strong, durable and safe. This new smart design is ideal for larger, heavier or awkwardly shaped items, Compactus mobile shelving, carton live storage applications and archive boxes among others.

It is the complete shelving solution designed for a wide variety of applications. With a wide arrangement of accessories available from hanging rails and castors, to multiple shelving options, Longspan can be customised to suit your specific needs.

  • Slatwall and shelf display in longspan shelving

What does Longspan shelving consist of?

When designing your system there are 3 main components to think of:

  • Frames
  • Beams
  • Shelf type and accessories
Dexion LS2 Shelving


Longspan frames determine the height and depth of your unit.

Longspan Frames consist of uprights, bracing and baseplates

Common sizes are 2000, 2200 and 2500 High and 450 or 600mm deep.

Frames can be ordered up to 6000mm high

Depths range from 300mm up to 1200mm


Longspan Beams determine the width of your unit. For most systems, the beam measurement is your internal shelf measurement.

For example, with the Dexion Longspan2 System, an 1800 wide unit is actually 1900mm overall and 1800mm between the frames.

Standard beams sizes are 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100 and 2400mm.

Shelves and Accessories

Longspan shelves are available in a huge range of styles.

The most common and best value shelf is Raw MDF. MDF is capable of carrying the maximum capacities for longspan shelving and is available everywhere, meaning you don’t need to rely on your shelving supplier for replacements.

White melamine is the next most common shelf type, this provides easy cleaning and a professional look for use in stores.

Shelf support bars are an additional option for any timber shelves, this increases capacity for larger shelf depths and increases the shelf life by reducing shelf sag.

Wire shelves are now available for the LS2 system, These are great for storing items requiring airflow or drainage.

Steel shelves are available but not made standard for Dexion LS2 Shelving. We make these to order if required by the client.

Hanging rails are becoming a very common addition to LS2 shelving. These are made by us to meet our clients needs, they can be modified for different weight needs and single or double bars, different diameter bars, front, back or centre hanging, with or without shelves.

Custom made doors, sides, backing, dividers and many other custom-designed accessories can be made, just ask.

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