Cage Trolley with Safety Brake (NF307HB)


This trolley offers enhanced safety and stability for transporting goods in various environments.

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The Cage Trolley with Safety Brake (NF307HB) is an innovative and secure solution for transporting goods in environments where safety is paramount. This trolley features a fail-safe braking system that engages automatically when the handle is released, ensuring the trolley remains stationary when not in use. This feature is particularly useful in settings with pedestrian ramps or where trolleys may be left unattended, such as hospitals, nursing homes, airports, train stations, and shopping centres. The trolley’s platform is double-pressed metal, creating a superior-strength platform, and is equipped with machine-fitted D-bumpers to prevent damage to walls and furniture. The precision castors designed by Prestar offer smooth movement, and the anti-peel, non-slip vinyl matting on the deck ensures the stability of the load. The Cage Trolley with Safety Brake (NF307HB) is one of the best secure transport trolleys.

Product Specifications:

  • Load Capacity: 300kg
  • Platform Dimensions: 910 x 610mm
  • Deck Height: 210mm
  • Castors Diameter: 130mm
  • Loading Surface: 800 x 510mm
  • External Dimensions: 970 x 620mm
  • Handle Height: 990 + 30mm
  • Mesh Height: 520mm
  • Internal Wire Dimensions: 870 x 590mm
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