Convex Mirror Extendable Stand-off Arm


Enhance mirror effectiveness, perfect for optimal positioning in various settings.

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The Convex Mirror Extendable Stand-Off Arm is a versatile and indispensable safety accessory for any environment where visibility is key. This extendable arm is designed to hold convex mirrors, enhancing their effectiveness by allowing optimal positioning and angle adjustment.

Often, wall-mount mirrors need an extended stand-off mount to clear obstacles or see around doorways or corners. This telescopic extension arm allows the mirror to be mounted to walls or columns and adjusted from 400 to 600mm of stand-off. Due to the design of the Bracket, it can also be bolted to most types of pallet racking without the need to drill holes, compromising the structural integrity of the racking. Constructed from mild steel and zinc plated for indoor or outdoor use (wall fixings NOT included).

Whether for traffic safety, surveillance, or monitoring industrial processes, this stand-off arm extends the utility of convex mirrors. Its robust construction ensures durability and reliability, while its extendability feature makes it adaptable to various settings. Easy to install and adjust, it’s an ideal solution for improving sightlines and safety in both indoor and outdoor areas.

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