Store and transport a wide range of items efficiently, a durable plastic pallet box designed for heavy-duty use.


The DOLAV ACE 1000 is a robust, versatile plastic pallet box for heavy-duty applications. It offers a practical solution for various storage and transportation needs. Its internal dimensions of 1128 x 928 x 585mm provide ample space for a wide range of items. The DOLAV ACE 1000 is available in different colours to suit your requirements.

Its solid construction, with a tare weight of 38.5 Kg (solid) and 37.5 Kg (perforated), ensures durability and longevity. This pallet box is ideal for industries such as agriculture, food processing, manufacturing, and logistics, where robust and reliable containers are essential.

Product Specifications:

  • Internal Dimensions: 1128 x 928 x 585mm
  • Tare Weight: 38.5 Kg (Solid), 37.5 Kg (Perforated)
  • Available in various colours
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