Flammable Liquids Cabinet – Class 3 – 250L


Safely store flammable liquids, featuring robust construction and safety-focused design.

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The Flammable Liquids Cabinet – Class 3 – 250L is a vital safety solution for storing flammable liquids, ensuring compliance with strict safety standards. This cabinet is designed to isolate flammable liquids, preventing accidental ignition. It features flame-arrestor vents and earthing points for added safety.

The cabinet is versatile with three adjustable shelves and sturdy, weighing 146 kg. It’s built to last with double-steel walls that act as an insulator against excessive internal heat. A leak-capturing base ensures that accidental spills are easily contained and retrievable, making it a reliable choice for various industrial and commercial settings.

Product Specifications:

  • Capacity: 250 Litres
  • Features: Flame-arrestor vents, earthing points, three adjustable shelves
  • Construction: Double-steel walls, leak-capturing base
  • Weight: 146 kg
  • Compliance: Designed for safety and compliance with relevant standards
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