Genie GL8 Standard Material Lifter


Offers versatile lifting capabilities, ideal for various industrial and commercial tasks.

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The Genie GL8 Standard Material Lifter is a highly versatile and efficient lifting solution, popular for its ease of use and reliability. This lift can handle loads up to 181kg and reach heights of 2.50m, extendable to 3.06m with the forks turned up. Its portability and compact design make it an ideal choice for various applications, including construction, warehousing, and retail.

The lift can be quickly loaded into a vehicle for transport, enhancing its convenience. Optional accessories such as non-marking rear wheels, a load platform, boom attachment, and a ladder add to its versatility, making it adaptable to a wide range of lifting and installation tasks.

Product Specifications:

  • Load Capacity: 182kg
  • Lift Height: 2.51m (forks down), 3.06m (forks up)
  • Base Width: 0.63m
  • Optional Accessories: Load platform, boom, foot release brakes, ladder, pneumatic rear tyres
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