Large Drum Spill Tray


Safeguard your workplace from spills, designed for effective containment and safety.


The Large Drum Spill Tray from SSO Handling and Storage is an essential tool for maintaining a clean, safe, and compliant workplace. This spill tray is specifically designed to handle potential spills and leaks from large drums, ensuring that hazardous materials are contained effectively.

Its robust construction and ample capacity make it ideal for industrial settings where safety and environmental responsibility are paramount. The tray’s design not only safeguards against accidental spills but also aids in keeping work areas tidy and organized. By choosing this spill tray, businesses demonstrate their commitment to workplace safety and environmental protection, reflecting the values that SSO has championed for decades.


  • Suitable for large industrial drums
  • High-capacity containment for spills and leaks
  • Durable construction for industrial use
  • 1000x1000x120mm 100L Cap
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