Magnetic Card Holder 110mm x 50mm x 0.7mm | White


Streamline labeling in any professional or educational environment with our versatile, easy-to-use Magnetic Card Holder in white.


Optimize your organizational capabilities with the Magnetic Card Holder, which measures 110mm x 50mm x 0.7mm.

This larger white card holder provides ample space for more comprehensive labelling and identification across various environments.

Its magnetic solid backing ensures it can be securely attached and easily repositioned on any metal surface, making it an ideal solution for dynamic settings such as warehouses, offices, and schools.

Whether used to label shelves, file cabinets, or equipment, this card holder enhances visibility and accessibility, simplifying management tasks and improving workflow efficiency.

Use Cases:

  1. Warehouses: Perfect for managing inventory by labelling storage bins and racks for quick item retrieval.
  2. Offices: Enhances office organization by marking file cabinets and metal doors with clear, visible labels.
  3. Schools: Useful in educational settings for organizing resources and classroom materials, quickly updating as needs change.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 110mm x 50mm x 0.7mm
  • Material: Durable plastic with a strong magnetic backing
  • Colour: White
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