Pallet Truck Steer Wheel


Upgrade your pallet truck with the durable and smooth Pallet Truck Steer Wheel, designed for enhanced maneuverability in warehouse environments.


The Pallet Truck Steer Wheel is a durable replacement or upgrade solution for your pallet jack. This steering wheel is designed to offer smooth maneuverability and reliable performance in demanding warehouse environments.

Its robust construction ensures it can withstand the rigours of daily use, making it an essential component for any pallet truck. The wheel’s design focuses on ease of steering and control, reducing operator fatigue and enhancing safety in the workplace.

Whether navigating tight spaces or moving heavy loads, this steering wheel ensures your pallet truck operates at its best.


  • Compatible with various pallet truck models
  • 180mm diameter polyurethane on cast iron wheel
  • 48mm hub, 20mm bearing
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