Rubbermaid Brute Dolly


Enhance mobility in your workspace with Rubbermaid Dolly, designed for seamless integration with Brute containers.

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The Rubbermaid Brute Dolly is a prime example of SSO’s commitment to offering practical and efficient solutions for material handling.

Designed to complement the Brute container range, this dolly ensures effortless mobility and enhances operational efficiency in diverse settings, from commercial kitchens to industrial warehouses. Its robust construction guarantees durability, while the smooth-rolling casters offer excellent maneuverability, even in tight spaces.

This dolly transforms static Brute containers into mobile units, facilitating easy transport of heavy loads without strain. It’s not just a dolly; it’s a mobility solution that reflects SSO’s dedication to making everyday tasks simpler and safer for our clients in the Canberra region and beyond.

Product Specifications:

  • Compatible with: Rubbermaid Brute Containers
  • Material: High-impact plastic
  • Caster Type: Non-marking swivel casters
  • Load Capacity: 90Kgs
  • Height: 170mm
  • Diameter: 470mm