Spare Parts Tray 100x100x400


Efficiently organize small parts, featuring customizable dividers and a durable design for various industrial uses.

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The Spare Parts Tray 100x100x400 is a versatile, durable solution for organizing and storing small parts and components. Made from high-quality polypropylene, this tray is resistant to solvents and oils, making it ideal for use in various industrial environments, including repair centres, garages, and electronic shops. The tray’s flat front with a lip allows for easy sliding, and its customizable divider slots enable you to create the perfect storage solution for your needs.

This tray is part of Fischer Plastics’ complete practical storage systems, designed and manufactured in Australia, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability. Whether used for lean practices or standard racking and shelving, the Spare Parts Tray 100x100x400 is an excellent choice for efficient organization.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 100x100x400 mm
  • Material: High-quality polypropylene, resistant to solvents and oils
  • Features: Flat front with lip for easy sliding, customizable divider slots
  • Application: Ideal for repair centres, garages, electronic shops
  • Colour Options: Grey, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red
  • Made in Australia

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Grey, Green, Yellow, Blue, Red


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