Stock Picking Trolley


Streamline your stock management with the Teamstar TS1B Stock Picking Trolley, featuring a 220kg capacity and ergonomic design for efficient material handling.


The Teamstar TS1B Stock Picking Trolley is a versatile and robust solution for various material handling tasks.

With a load capacity of 220kg, this trolley is designed to make order picking and stock handling efficient and comfortable.

The trolley’s external dimensions are 980mm x 420mm x 1020mm, providing ample space for a wide range of items.

The internal shelf size of 645mm x 365mm and external shelf size of 702mm x 420mm make it highly adaptable for different storage needs.

The handle height of 1020mm and trolley height of 920mm (excluding the handle) ensure ergonomic operation, reducing strain and improving user comfort.

The trolley is fitted with 100mm grey rubber castors, ensuring smooth movement across various surfaces.

  • Model: TS1B
  • Load Capacity: 220kg
  • External Size (LxWxH): 980mm x 420mm x 1020mm (Assembled)
  • Internal Shelves Size (LxW): 645mm x 365mm
  • External Shelves Size (LxW): 702mm x 420mm
  • Handle Height: 1020mm (From Ground)
  • Trolley Height: 920mm (From Ground, Exclude Handle)
  • Castor Diameter: 100mm (4″) Grey Rubber
  • Trolley Colour: Blue
  • Net Weight: 13kg

Additional information

Dimensions 900 × 420 mm
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