TSMY Stock Picking Trolley


Enhance stock management with the TSMY Stock Picking Trolley. Deck size 900x420mm, 220Kg capacity, 100mm wheels. Ergonomic and efficient.


The TSMY Stock Picking Trolley is a specialized solution to streamline stock management tasks in industrial and warehouse environments.

With a deck size of 900mm x 420mm and a handle height of 930mm, this trolley is optimized for ergonomic use.

It boasts a carrying capacity of 220kg and comes equipped with 100mm wheel diameters, ensuring smooth and efficient navigation through various storage areas.

  • Deck Size: 900mm X 420mm
  • Handle Height: 930mm
  • Capacity: 220Kg
  • Wheel Diameter: 100mm

Additional information

Dimensions 900 × 420 mm
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