Viro-Tub Lid


Secure your storage with the Viro-Tub Lid, designed for Viro-Tub containers, ensuring contents are protected and neatly organized.


The Viro-Tub Lid is a practical and essential accessory that complements the Viro-Tub 32L, 52L, and 68L containers. Crafted from recycled polypropylene, this lid promotes sustainability and ensures the secure and safe storage of contents within the Viro-Tubs. It fits perfectly on the Viro-Tubs and is 655 x 425 x 32mm, providing a snug and secure closure. This lid is ideal for various applications, from industrial storage to home organization, ensuring that contents are kept clean, safe, and secure. Whether used in a workshop, garage, or office setting, the Viro-Tub Lid enhances the functionality of the Viro-Tubs by protecting the contents from dust, spillage, and external elements.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 655 x 425 x 32mm
  • Material: Recycled Polypropylene
  • Compatibility: Suits Viro-Tub 32L / 52L / 68L
  • Application: Ideal for secure storage in industrial, commercial, and home environments
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