RT4047 – Bitbar 3 Flat Shelf Utility Cart


Experience streamlined transport and storage with the Bitbar 3 Flat Shelf Utility Cart, featuring a 230kg capacity, sturdy construction, and convenient design


The Bitbar 3 Flat Shelf Utility Cart is a paragon of versatility and durability in utility carts.

Its innovative design is ideal for effortlessly transporting various items in diverse settings, from office environments to industrial workshops.

The cart is constructed from sturdy structural foam that ensures it won’t rust, dent, chip, or peel, guaranteeing longevity and resilience.

The integrated moulded storage compartments and cup holder add convenience, allowing for storing small items and tools.

It features integrated moulded grooves for inserting and holding steel steel.

Brackets for tube, cable reel and metal coil storage.

Maneuvering is comfortable and easy with user-friendly handles, even in crowded or narrow spaces.

Additionally, the integrated moulded grooves allow for the insertion of steel tubes or reels, providing an organized way to handle metal coils or scroll-like items.

With a load capacity of 230kg and 125mm TPR castors, this cart offers smooth and quiet movement, making it efficient on surfaces such as tiles, wood, or carpet.


  • Model: RT4047-BLK
  • Product Size: L978mm x W435mm x H968mm
  • Capacity: 230kg
  • Caster Type: 125mm TPR Castors
  • Colour: Black


Additional information

Dimensions 978 × 435 × 968 mm
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