Prestar NF304 (Superceded)


Prestar NF304 Medium 2 Tier Trolley has been replaced by the new model NF314

Elevate your material handling capabilities with the Prestar NF314 platform trolley, featuring enhanced durability and superior design for heavy-duty use.

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New Model Prestar NF314 Now available!

The Prestar NF314, the latest model from the popular NF304 model.

Designed to enhance performance and durability in demanding environments.

This platform trolley is engineered with advanced features to meet the needs of modern industrial, retail, and warehousing operations.

The NF314 offers improved load capacity and maneuverability, incorporating robust materials and an ergonomic design to facilitate ease of use and comfort.

Its non-slip mat on the platform ensures the safety and stability of goods during transport, making it an indispensable tool for efficient material handling.

New Model Prestar NF314 Now available!

Use Cases:

  1. Industrial Facilities: Ideal for safely transporting heavy equipment and materials across shop floors.
  2. Retail Environments: Perfect for restocking shelves efficiently and easily handling extensive inventories.
  3. Event and Hospitality: Essential for setting up and breaking down venues and moving supplies quickly and smoothly.
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