Jumbo Medium Wire Cage Trolley


Robust and versatile, the HB213 Trolley simplifies heavy-duty hauling with its foldable wire mesh sides and large carrying capacity.


The HB213 – Jumbo Medium Wire Cage Trolley is the epitome of versatility and durability.

Designed for demanding environments, this robust trolley offers a large carrying capacity complemented by its foldable wire mesh sides. Whether it’s warehouse stocking, retail, or heavy-duty hauling, the HB213 ensures smooth operations, reducing manual handling effort.

The sturdy construction, paired with its ergonomic design, ensures longevity and seamless transport of items, making it an essential asset for businesses aiming to optimize their logistical processes.
Deck Size: 970mm X 615mm
Handle Height: 1005mm
Capacity: 370kg

Wheel Diameter: 125mm

Additional information

Dimensions 970 × 615 × 250 mm

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