Jumbo HG-510 Large Flatbed Trolley


Move heavy, bulky items with ease using the Jumbo HG-510 Flatbed Trolley, designed for stability and protection in demanding environments.


The Jumbo HG-510 Large Flatbed Trolley is your ultimate solution for effortlessly moving large, bulky items. Designed to endure the rigours of daily use in warehouses, workshops, and retail environments, this trolley combines robust construction with functionality to streamline your operations. It features a sizeable flatbed design, dual-reinforced bars that ensure stability across all loading points, and a foldable handle for secure maneuverability. An all-around PVC bumper strip protects the trolley and surroundings from accidental damage, while the precision-cut anti-slip vinyl deck keeps loads secure in transit. Equipped with an ergonomic handle and smooth-rolling wheels, the Jumbo HG-510 enhances productivity and minimizes physical strain, proving itself a reliable partner in any high-demand environment.

Use Cases:

  1. Warehouses: Ideal for transporting oversized pallets or multiple boxes, reducing the number of trips required.
  2. Workshops: Transports tools and materials across large workshop areas with ease.
  3. Retail: Assists in stock movement, particularly for bulky or heavy merchandise.

Product Specifications:

  • Model: HG-510
  • Deck Size: 1170x765mm
  • Handle Height: 1000mm
  • Max Weight Capacity: 650kg
  • Castor Size: 200mm standard, optional 220mm dia Black Pneumatic Castors available
  • Features: Large flatbed design, foldable handle, all-around PVC bumper, anti-slip vinyl deck
  • Warranty: 1-year
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