A-SAFE iFlex Pedestrian Barrier


Enhance workplace safety, designed for impact resistance and high visibility.


A-SAFE iFlex Pedestrian Barrier is a testament to innovative safety solutions, designed to create a secure environment for both pedestrians and vehicles in busy workspaces. This barrier stands as a robust guardian, adept at absorbing impacts and reducing the risk of accidents.

Crafted from a flexible, yet sturdy material, it delineates walkways effectively, guiding foot traffic and ensuring a safe distance from vehicular pathways. Its high-visibility color scheme enhances safety awareness, making it an indispensable asset in warehouses, factories, and other high-traffic areas. The A-SAFE iFlex Pedestrian Barrier is not just a barrier; it’s a commitment to safety and efficiency, seamlessly integrating into any workspace.


  • Material: Flexible, Impact-Resistant Polymer
  • Color: High-Visibility Scheme
  • Configuration: 3-Rail System
  • Application: Pedestrian, Industrial Safety, and Traffic Management
  • Features: Impact Absorption, Easy Installation
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