Pilot 5m Belt Barrier – Black/Yellow


Control hazards and manage pedestrian traffic effectively, featuring a durable design and versatile application.

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The Pilot 5m Belt Barrier in black and yellow is a versatile and robust solution designed to control hazards and ensure pedestrian safety in various environments: any traffic, construction or facilities management situation to prevent hazards. This cone-top belt barrier system is adaptable to both internal and external settings across a wide range of industries, including construction, airports, events, retail, utilities, mining/resources, and more.

The built-in belt receiver allows for easy connection with multiple units, providing extensive coverage. The 5-meter belt includes a sliding utility clip for flexible attachment. Made from tough nylon, the Pilot 5 body is built to withstand the daily challenges of any traffic, construction, or facilities management situation.

Product Specifications:

  • Belt Length: 5 meters
  • Features: Built-in receiver, utility clips, durable nylon body
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