Dolav ACE SL2160



Maximize efficiency in your workspace with the robust DOLAV ACE SL2160 pallet box, tailored for heavy-duty storage and transport.

This mammoth container offers an impressive volume of 1120 litres and supports a hefty maximum load of 750 kg while weighing only 72 kg. Its availability in solid and perforated designs caters to various industrial needs, from waste management to logistics.

Crafted for durability, the DOLAV ACE is engineered to withstand the rigours of handling hazardous materials and resisting impacts, thanks to its superior foam-injected construction. You can also choose from an array of materials like HDPE, PP, or recycled plastic, underlining an eco-conscious approach where the products are designed for reusability and recyclability.

Customization options include embossed and hot die stamping for clear ownership identification, which helps in reducing loss costs. Additionally, intelligent identification features like unique IDs and tracking solutions make administration and return systems straightforward, improving return on investment.

Whether it’s the resilience required for automated warehouse systems or the chemical resistance necessary for battery acid exposure, the DOLAV ACE excels. Its anti-slip corners assure secure stacking, and its performance remains steadfast across temperature extremes, proving that it’s built to last and provide a significant return on investment.

Additional information

Weight 72 kg
Dimensions 2160 × 1000 × 740 mm
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