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Revolutionize your storage racking system, featuring a durable galvanized steel frame and customizable bins.

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Unlock the ultimate storage solution with the Action Racks Storage System from SSO Handling and Storage. This innovative system, crafted with a robust galvanized steel frame, accommodates an array of removable plastic bins tailored to your specific storage needs.

It’s not just a storage unit; it’s a dynamic, adaptable workspace asset. The system’s key features include durability, versatility, enhanced mobility with optional all-swivel castors, and additional accessories like bin lids for a cleaner, more organized setup. Ideal for various applications, the Action-Rack system revolutionizes your storage and workspace needs, embodying SSO’s commitment to efficiency and adaptability.

Key Features:

Durability Meets Versatility: Built with a galvanized steel frame that promises long-lasting resilience.
Customizable Storage: Choose from various bin sizes and colours to match your requirements.
Enhanced Mobility: Upgrade your system with all-swivel castors for effortless relocation and versatility.
Additional Accessories: Add bin lids for a cleaner, more organized setup.

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Action Rack Models

AL1210, AL1207, AS1804, AS1530D, AS1530, AL3604, AL3030D, AL3030

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