DOLAV KitBin Solid Double


Maximize your storage efficiency, a versatile and foldable box pallet with a 600kg load capacity.


The DOLAV KitBin Solid Double is a foldable box pallet for efficient storage and transportation. With external dimensions of 1200mm (Length) x 1000mm (Width) x 1280mm (Height), it offers a substantial volume of 1234 litres, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The KitBin can handle a maximum load of 600kg, while its tare weight is 59kg.

This versatile container is available in solid and perforated versions, catering to different storage needs. Additional customization options include doors, wheels, locks and hinges, drainage, lids, and legs. The KitBin Double Height is stackable with a load capacity of 1800kg, making it an ideal solution for space-saving and organized storage in various industrial settings.

Product Specifications:

  • External Dimensions: 1200 x 1000 x 1280mm
  • Volume: 1234 Litres
  • Max. Load: 600Kg
  • Tare Weight: 59Kg
  • Available in Solid and Perforated versions
  • Customization Options: Doors, wheels, locks, etc.
  • Stack Load: 1800kg
  • Internal Dim. LxWxH: 1116 x 916 x 1130mm
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