Pallet Leveller Closed Top


Maximize safety and efficiency, designed for stable and ergonomic material handling.

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The Pallet Leveller Closed Top is a standout solution for modern material handling needs, combining durability with ergonomic design. This innovative tool is engineered to alleviate the physical demands of loading and unloading pallets in any industrial setting.

Its closed-top feature adds an extra layer of stability and safety, making it ideal for handling a wide range of goods. The automatic height adjustment ensures that workers maintain a comfortable position throughout the process, reducing the risk of strain and injury. This pallet leveller is not just a tool; it’s a commitment to enhancing productivity and employee well-being in the workplace.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Pallet Leveller (Closed Top)
  • Function: Automatic Height Adjustment, Enhanced Stability
  • Application: Suitable for Various Industrial Settings
  • Features: Durable Construction, Ergonomic Design
  • Safety: Reduces Physical Strain, Prevents Injuries
  • Capacity: 200Kg – 2000Kg
  • Rotating Platform Diameters: 1110mm
  • Compressed Height: 240mm
  • Extended Height: 705mm
  • Base Size:920mm X 930mm
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