Collapsible Mesh Cage


Streamline storage and handling in industrial environments with the MMC-01 Collapsible Mesh Cage, featuring easy assembly and adaptable stacking options.


The MMC-01 Collapsible Mesh Cage is a robust, multi-purpose solution designed to meet the demands of retail, production, manufacturing, and warehousing environments.

This versatile cage is racking-friendly and fully collapsible, offering significant storage and transport cost savings.

It features a dropdown gate for easy base access, even when stacked, and removable front and rear panels for flexible storage options.

Suitable for secure storage within pallet racking systems, it can be stacked up to two units high when fully loaded and four high when empty.

The cage is easy to assemble without tools, features a front tag holder for labelling, and can be transported via forklift or hand pallet jack.

Its durable powder-coated frame and zinc-finish panels ensure longevity and reliability in any industrial setting.

Use Cases:

  1. Retail Settings: Ideal for back-of-house operations, organising inventory effectively and securely.
  2. Manufacturing Sites: Enhances material handling by providing accessible, organised storage for raw materials and components.
  3. Warehousing: Streamlines operations by offering adaptable, space-efficient storage solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing racking systems.

Product Specifications:

  • Powder-coated frame with zinc half drop and removable sides
  • Working Load Limit: 1000Kg
  • Internal Clearance: 1045 x 1045 x 740mm
  • Overall Dimensions: 1180 x 1180 x 920mm
  • Collapsed Height: 248mm
  • Unit Weight: 94Kg
  • Rackable on standard 840mm (838mm) Pallet racking
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