Rubbermaid Large Utility Cart with 3 Enclosed Sides


Maximize efficiency with the Rubbermaid Service Cart, featuring enclosed end panels for secure transport.

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The Rubbermaid Large Utility Cart with Enclosed End Panels on 3 Sides is a shining example of SSO’s commitment to delivering top-tier, practical solutions. This utility cart is ingeniously designed to offer maximum utility and efficiency in material handling.

Its three enclosed end panels provide added security and stability for transported items, making it an ideal choice for busy environments like workshops, hospitality settings, or healthcare facilities. The cart’s robust construction ensures longevity, while its ergonomic design guarantees ease of use.

This product not only meets the high standards of functionality and durability that SSO is known for but also reflects our dedication to providing solutions that genuinely make a difference in our customers’ operational efficiency.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Rubbermaid
  • Features: Enclosed end panels on three sides
  • Ideal for: Workshops, hospitality, healthcare
  • Durability: Robust construction for longevity
  • Design: Ergonomic for ease of use
  • Dimensions: 1030L x 510W x 960H
  • Capacity: 45Kg per shelf