Hi5 3-Shelf Utility Cart


Keep your workspace efficient and organised with the Trust Hi5 3-Shelf Utility Cart, designed for easy mobility and durable storage.


The Trust Hi5 3-Shelf Utility Cart epitomizes practicality and durability, making it an essential addition to any dynamic workspace.

Designed to serve a variety of environments, including healthcare facilities and retail spaces, this cart offers three spacious shelves that provide ample storage for equipment, supplies, or merchandise.

Its robust construction ensures long-lasting use while smooth-rolling casters offer unparalleled mobility.

This utility cart isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a reliable assistant dedicated to smoothing out daily operations and enhancing efficiency.

Use Cases:

  1. Healthcare Facilities: Ideal for transporting medical supplies and instruments swiftly and safely between departments.
  2. Retail Spaces: Perfect for moving merchandise and stock within the store, aiding in display setup and restocking.
  3. Educational Settings: Useful in schools and universities for distributing educational materials and equipment across classrooms and labs.


  • Three spacious shelves
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Smooth-rolling casters for easy mobility
  •  Versatile, durable carts for transportation indoors.
  • Moulded shelves won’t rust, dent, or peel.
  • Aluminium uprights are engineered for durability and appearance.
  • Convenient handles located on each end and compact size enhance maneuverability.
  • Non-marking swivel casters help minimize noise and reduce touch-up cleaning.
  • Textured shelves prevent slippage and ensure safety.  
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